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Established in the year 2019, VNV is a trading and distribution company well connected with suppliers all over the world. We deal with Halal, Mediterranean, Asian (Indian/Pakistani), and Arab food products.

Globalisation has led to a lot of significant changes in the way we live. We’re constantly moving and seeking better opportunities in places that provide them. But while there’s much to gain, we often lose what we love, a piece of us in the places we leave behind. And sometimes, we miss that which we’ve never had. VNV was born from the likes of those who wished to bridge this gap and bring ethnic products to you at your doorstep.

Currently, our distribution channels stretch over 7 countries, namely the UK, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, and Germany with prospects of expanding further in due time.

Why choose US

Far beyond only a trademark, Yes We can! is the brand ethos: a unique administration theory that separates us from the challenge.


Premium Quality Products

As a company dealing with the food industry, we have long established our ethical code of associating with only the highest of quality, premium products..


Unmatched Customer-Service

We strive to identify our consumers most critical needs. We understand social responsibilities and dedicate all our energies in providing you with unmatched customer-service.


Dynamic Team

With an ever evolving and innovative team, we unfailingly meet the food challenges of a global market. Creating shared values in our quest to bridge the gap, our team aspires to be different and dependable.

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