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Who are we ?

VNV Trading and Distribution Ltd is based in United Kingdom with its headquarters or head office in London. We deal with ethnic food products, including Asian, Arabian, Mediterranean, Organic, Vegetarian, and Vegan items. Our product lines range from frozen, chilled, and dry items to ready-to-eat, semi-cooked and raw food products. We have more than 900 lines of products, each with their own brands, variations and flavours.

We have clients/buyers in the UK and Eastern European countries, predominantly in Lithuania. We are consistently growing and looking forward to expanding further to ethnic communities in different parts of Europe. Our suppliers are mainly UK based with factories and warehouses both in the UK and other parts of Europe.

Discover Our Story

We are the first and largest supplier and distributor of Mediterranean, Arabian, Asian, Indo-Pak, and Halal food products in Lithuania—and we've come a long way since our inception! We took up this challenge by analysing the live model of UK’s multicultural aspect and collating with the ones in Eastern European countries which still had lingering influences of the Soviet Union. In countries like Lithuania—despite its demography of ethnic Muslims and residents with multicultural background—it was very difficult to find variety especially in ethnic food and halal products. With our strategic planning and efficient/reliable supply chain, we faced all risks and started our supply in Europe. Our biggest hurdle was to keep our prices low while maintaining product quality, freshness, and delivery before time—and it wasn’t easy. But we did it! By keeping our carbon emissions at their lowest, we were able to achieve all three goals simultaneously.

Our Key Features


-Helping the local small scale business owners

We boosted the local sellers and producers by giving them business ideas and sharing our expert strategies. With our wide range of products and skilful and strategic marketing of them on the right channels, we were able to attract new customers to try and feel the quality of their products. We also collaborated with local producers and were able to distribute their products in stores locally and even internationally.


-Doing our part for Planet Earth.

We believe that just as nature gives us, we need to give back to nature by conserving it, protecting it, and replenishing it whenever possible (minimising the wastage of natural resources). We take great care in the usage of resources and stick to recyclable materials for all our products. Our effective distribution channels ensure reduced carbon emissions for the greater good of the planet.



The first ethnic products online-store in Lithuania was our store ‘Adamas’. With our online presence for direct consumers, we proved to be a blessing for all during the pandemic lockdowns, especially so with our same-day delivery option for orders placed before midday. Many pensioners and single mothers become our regular customers and their prayers for us made facing difficult challenges smooth and with relative ease — “as you sow, so shall you reap”.

Wait… It doesn’t end there


For the Food awareness campaign

“We are what we eat” – it’s not just a quote! We maintain transparency in not just ‘how’ we do our business, but also in ‘what we do’ and ‘who we serve’. Every product of ours comes with clear labelling of ingredients ensuring what you receive, is exactly what you ordered. We campaign passionately in spreading awareness of what really goes into the food you consume. In a bid to make our mission successful, we will soon be publishing blog posts detailing everything.

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